GaitScan: An Orthopedic Diagnosis Tool

The Orthotic Group

What is it?

The GaitScan assesses biomechanics by measuring the distribution of force throughout a patients foot during each step. The process results in a report that aids in the diagnosis of abnormal foot biomechanics.

How does it work?

Thousands of tiny sensors scan the bottom of the foot as the patient walks across a computerized pressure plate, during which the system records gait timing sequences and captures the relative load of each area of the foot. The magnitude of force is reflected by colors on the output report. On the two ends of the spectrum, blue represents a low value and red represents a high value.

Why is it helpful?

The GaitScan has the ability to:

  • Analyze running, walking and static stance
  • Compare patients foot to a foot of ideal biomechanics
  • Identify high pressure areas
  • Identify abnormal timing in gait cycle

Who would benefit from a GaitScan?

Your feet are as important as the foundation of your home - both provide support for everything above them. Small problems in your feet can result in a chain reaction of adjustments in your posture and walking mechanics. You are an ideal candidate for a GaitScan if you think there are areas of stress in your walking or running biomechanics or if you want to improve performance to allow your feet to function naturally.