I have been going to Dr. Webb's clinic for nearly a year now, and there is not a visit that goes by where the staff isn't as courteous and pleasant as ever. Everyone is always so friendly, happy, and willing to help accommodate your schedule. The recommended course of therapy always works for me, and its fun and easy getting there when you are cared for by such a wonderful group of people. Going to the doctor is never a chore when it comes to Dr. Webb's clinic, and I would, and frequently do, recommend them to anyone who needs chiropractic care.

---- Kyle Heather

I have been coming to Dr. Webbs for several years now and anytime I have any problem I know that Dr. Chris Webb and the massage therapists and therapy will be there for me to help with the everyday wear and tear of my body. Every single person I deal with is very kind and very easy to get along with.

--- Cheryl Wise

I come to Dr. Webbs office to get pain relief when all other methods fail. The Drs. and staff are all friendly and really care about giving their patients relief from pain and discomfort.

--- Jay Green

I have been dealing with pain for over 20 years and I have seen numerous Drs., but never did I get the results I have from Dr. Webb and Associates.

--- William Spiegel

The treatment I receive at Dr. Webb and Associates has not just improved my quality of life but without their help, I wouldn't be able to be involved in my children's lives. My overall outlook of life has improved since my pain has decreased tremendously.

--- Josh Rush

After my auto accident I was in alot of pain. Dr. Craig Colditz took time to explain my problem and treatment that would help me. The staff is very efficient and caring about every patient. I feel much better and thank everyone involved with my treatment. It takes time, so be patient.

--- Brittany Miller

Dr. Webb and Associates atmosphere makes you feel comfortable. Also they concentrate on getting you better and they are intuitive of all your needs.

--- Denis Meighen

The office worked together as a team to get me on the road to recovery, where I should be. Everyone was friendly and cordial and just made it a pleasant experience.

--- Della Harvey

Dr. Webb has been great for my entire family. Every part of the staff has been wonderful, they know your name, it's like a family there. I would recommened them to everyone.

--- Megan Matson

I came to Dr. Chris Webb to address back pain that was seriously impacting my ablility to live my life. Treament at Dr. Webb's office has improved my health and eliminated my pain without the use of medication. I have to say, I feel GREAT!! Dr Webb and Associates has really changed my life.

--- Melissa Six

The care was great. Rehab went faster than expected. Everyone was friendly and courteous. They are very good at scheduling. I have no complaints.

--- Dave Kaufman

I did not believe in Chiropractors, this was my last resort. Dr. Webb and his staff brought my life back to me! I could not walk up stairs except on all fours and even that was painful. Now due to a lot of work from all of the staff I can walk up and down the stairs. I can walk a short distance and I can even sit all without pain. I now believe in Chiropractors! Thanks to Dr. Webb and his staff!!

--- Donna Dalnoky

I see Dr. Webb and Associates as the Superman of Chiropractors! This is not just a manipulation as most people would think when they hear Chiropractor. When I first saw Dr Webb I could barely walk, and now at almost 64 years old I am in good physical shape, working, walking and running. I have confidence in Dr. Webb and Associates because they made available to me a wide range of treatments and when they could not treat me for my neuropathy they were not afraid to send me to a specialist. Dr. Webb and Associates is simply the best, being there when I need them and listening made Dr. Webb's the only way to go.

---- Aaron Zeff

I am a horse trainer and a judge and a real-estate investor. Prior to getting my orthotics from Dr. Webb and Associates, I had continual foot pain and I had a bunion so large that it was near needing surgery. After getting my orthotics, I was pain free and my bunion decreased in size so much that I do not now need surgery. Sometimes in my profession I am on my feet 14 to 16 hours a day and my feet continue to be pain free and I am comfortable as I am working since I got my orthotics from Dr. Webb and Associates.

---- Lori Gordon

We live in Charleroi, Pennsylvania. We've been married 60 years, we celebrated our anniversary. We have been coming to Dr. Webb's since 1945 and they are wonderful Dr.'s, we have had them all. [Charles] I remember crawling into the office on my hands and knees and walking out. [Virginia] He wouldn't be walking today if it hadn't been for Dr. Webb's. Let me just put it that way, because it has been all the Dr.'s.

---- Charles and Virginia Wagner

I have been coming here for years. I've always said that, feeling bad never felt so good when you come to a place like this. The staff, the Dr.'s, everyone that I ever met here has been nothing but cordial and friendly and concerned and I will continue to come here for many years. Because like I said, my point here is...feeling bad, never felt so good.

---- Judy Verno

My name's Margaret Pettit. I'll be 88 years old September 28th. I've been with this office ever since I was 11 years old. I started out with my Uncle Arthur Headley who was a Chiropractor. I wanted a pony, didn't get one when I wanted it, so I rode the calves and the calves threw me on a lumber pile. Hurt my hip, so Uncle Arthur worked and worked with me and I didn't get any better and he called Dr. Webb. They worked together on me and they put me back together and I got in good shape again. Young Dr. Webb probably wasn't even born yet when I started out with this office, I'm sure he wasn't.

---- Margaret Pettit

I've been a long term patient here, like 44 years. Came here in 1965 the first time, did not want to come. My grandmother made me. I said this is just where old people go. Well, I'm still coming here 44 years later and I would come back here 44 more. I appreciate the care, consideration, and it's just a good place to come if you need to be here.

---- Terri McElhaney